Facilitate omnichannel management,
Ensure smooth payment. 

Improve customer experience
at the point of sale

For sales assistants, order pickers, warehouse workers, heads of department and all those who work closely with end customers, time constraints and customer satisfaction remain core concerns.

Faced with demanding customers, your operators must encourage loyalty, anticipate, work quickly and accurately. Their tasks include click and collect (for customers), pick and pack (for vendors), price management, queue boosting, inventories, labeling or payment. Their performance is necessary for the smooth running of order processing.  For those in the retail sector, MOBILIS® provides adapted accessories (protective cases for mobile terminals and tablets, holsters, etc.)  to enhance fluidity in the workplace and improve consumer experience. 

Distribute rapidly to improve customer experience 

Streamline your processes, from order taking, to real-time stock viewing and payment management.

Order taking and goods collection 

Improve order processing

DataCapture MOBILIS® accessories are robust and easy to handle, making it possible to streamline order processing and collection (protective cases for mobile terminals and tablets worn over the shoulder, on the belt or on a wrist mount). Increase your speed by tenfold when using your input terminal for stock management, order taking, pick and pack or click and collect.

Stock management and stocktaking

Access to real-time information

Facilitate the tasks of your employees for the benefit of end consumers. MOBILIS® holsters and portability accessories enable an improved approach to the supply phases (stock, restocking) and processing of product returns. We transport, protect and maintain within easy reach, those tools essential to data flow management! 

Protection and payment 

Protect your banking and payment terminals

Payment is a crucial step in the retail and distribution sectors. Your teams are challenged to provide a fast service, to reduce customer waiting times and hence improve the overall experience. Our protective cases and holsters are designed to protect your payment terminals, smartphones and mobile payment systems (e.g. SumUp payment terminal or Ingenico payment terminal) and thus avoid possible breakage and maintenance. 

Attained results

MOBILIS® solutions have enabled leaders in retail and distribution to increase their productivity and reduce their TCO.

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Mobilis® meets
your specifications

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