Protect and transport your
Zebra Datacapture device

MOBILIS® products
approved by ZEBRA

For the past 15 years, MOBILIS® have been working in collaboration with Zebra Technologies; the world's leading manufacturer of mobile traceability devices, to adjust a range of protective covers, holsters and accessories to Zebra devices and systems.

MOBILIS®, an IHV partner
Independent Hardware Retailer

Via this partnership, ZEBRA certifies:

The quality
of our products

Our international
distribution network

Our ability to
design bespoke products

Our protection and portability solutions are visible in the brand's catalogues and on their technical data sheets.

The alliance of two specialists
at the service of your productivity

The combined expertise of both brands, MOBILIS® and Zebra, ensures the daily use and protection of your mobile device and/or tablet in all environments. 

We aim to improve the lifespan of your Zebra device and guarantee maximum performance in data capture solutions on a daily basis.

Compatible with the entire zebra ecosystem

A long-standing partnership and a close working relationship with Zebra guarantees access, by our design department, to new models and accessories by Zebra Technologies as soon as a new protection or portability solution is created. 

Our prototype engineers are thus able to scan the new device and accessories in order to design a protective case for mobile and tablet or holster compatible with the Zebra product.

Docking station

The device can thus be charged on a docking station without removing the protective case.

Extended battery

The device can be stored in a holster even when it has an extended battery.

Simplified access

The scanner, access buttons and printer outputs are easily accessible at all times.

For every zebra product,
there is a Mobilis® solution. 

Our solutions for zebra devices

Increase productivity and protect your zebra device with a well fitted protective case.

Enjoy quick and easy access to your zebra device. Save time in your daily activities by keeping your device close at hand. 

Our ik06 rated unbreakable screen protectors offer essential protection and improve the lifespan of your device.

In your daily routine, from a warehouse to a vehicle, via a workshop or a forklift truck, your device remains safe.

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