Free your movements to maximise your performance 


More efficient with two hands free!

If you handle hundreds of thousands of packages per day (order picking, click & collect, pick & pack and parcel processing) it is imperative to keep both hands free whilst enjoying immediate access to the data on your control screen.

MOBILIS® enables you to enhance productivity by using a practical and resistant wrist mount. Free your movements to perform your tasks easily and quickly.  


Our universal wrist mounts enable you to associate a wide range of professional mobile devices (a Honeywell or Unitech scanner for example) or public mobile devices (a ring scanner or terminal gun). An economical choice for your hardware and for the management of your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). 

The MOBILIS® wrist mount enables you to safely attach your terminal to your arm, without the risk of it falling or breaking. Immediate visibility of data on the control screen, a link to voice dictation functions and hands-free help maximise performance.

Comfortable to wear, easy to install and intuitive to use – as simple as a watch! 

For decision-makers

For users

Configurations adapted to your movements on the job

Universal or custom-made, removable or fixed, rotating or not, our wrist mounts are designed to accompany the daily scanning movements of delivery men, order pickers, drivers, operators and stock managers. They adapt to any input terminal or smartphone and are available rapidly!

Suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users, their ergonomic shape and wide armband perfectly fit the wrist. Lightweight, breathable and comfortable to wear all day, even over bulky clothing.

With our wrist mount, switch easily from intensive scanning operations to taking pictures and battery charging.

Keep your

Hands FREE


Mobilis® Accessoires 

Setting up
your wrist mount

We adapt and customise our wrist mounts to your business uses and your brand image: fixing systems (removable or not), dimensions, specific configurations, materials, colours, company logo etc.

Inform us of your requirements and together we will design the most suitable wrist mount.