Find a suitable holster
at the best price.

Keep your device
within easy reach!

Enjoy quick and easy access to your device, as and when you need it.  

Our textile holsters for mobile devices offer the best quality/price/durability ratio on today’s market!  

Easily worn on a belt, as a shoulder strap, on the thigh, attached to a forklift or screwed to a workstation, our textile protective cases accompany you on the job. 

Keep you device on hand and save time in your daily routine!

Why use
a holster?

Express delivery firms, postal services, warehouses, and logistics hubs are faced with a significant number of orders to prepare and parcels to be shipped.
Quick, on hand access to your device, secured in a specific holster and adapted to your daily activities, proves beneficial for both businesses and users!

Pour les décideurs

Pour les utilisateurs

Perfectly adpated to your model of device

Whatever your mobile device; smartphone, barcode scanner, pistol grip, mobile printer or tablet, we have the solution to facilitate its transport.   

Our holsters come in different shapes and sizes, to perfectly fit your device. They keep it protected and guarantee easy access throughout the working day. 

Solutions adapted to the nature of your job

Each working environment boasts a specific attachment system. 3 options include:

Easy in

Easy OUT

Rapid access
to facilitate repetitive and
frequent movements on the job

Mobilis® accessories

Configure your holster

We adapt and customise our holsters to both your business requirements and your company image: portability solutions (armband, tablet holder), clip system, car phone holder, dimensions, specific configuration (pistol grip), materials, colours, company logo etc. 

Tell us what you need and we will design the most suitable holster.