The best screen protection on today’s market

Avoid breaking the screen on your mobile terminal

Mobile device screen breakage is one of the most common problems that businesses encounter. Repairing a broken screen costs anything between 80€ and 450€. Beyond the cost, breakage generates a loss of productivity especially when the device must be sent away for repair.

Even if your company has insurance that covers this risk, loss of time penalises the users and ultimately your customers.  MOBILIS® offers you the best antishock screen protection on the market! 

Unbreakable screen protection - certified ik06 

Whether needed to follow a route, consult stock, enter an order or perform scanning operations, the screen is the most sensitive and the most essential part of your mobile device. A broken or cracked screen quickly becomes unusable thus hindering a busy working day! 

To extend the life of your device, avoid repair times and costs, protecting your screen with a high-performance film is essential. Our screen protector is the best protection on the market.  Certified IK06 and designed from a unique flexible material, it is unbreakable! Your mobile terminal, smartphone or tablet are protected for their lifespan.

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The best shock protection on today’s market – certified eik06 

The degree of equipment impact resistance is represented by the IK index, in accordance with NF EN 62262 standards. This corresponds to the risk of damage to which a product may be subjected in its environment of use.

Our supple and unbreakable protective films have been tested by the independent laboratory APAVE and certified IK06. This certification corresponds to the resistance to an impact at a force of one joule (the equivalent of a 250g mass falling from a height of 40cm)!

The best protective solution against breakage on today’s market.  

A screen protected against daily aggressions & damage

Very easy to install, our protective films have been designed to protect the most sensitive part of your device against breakage or other damage that could alter the visibility of your screen! 

They guarantee excellent protection against scratches (hardness level 5H), prevent fingerprints (oleophobic treatment that repels water, grease and dirt) and avoid the spread of germs (treatment that eliminates 99% of bacteria in less than 24 hours). 

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We customise your screen protectors to your business needs and brand image:  specific dimensions or configurations, materials, colours and company logo.

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