The best insurance against breakage

Extend the life
of your device! 

Protecting your device with a MOBILIS® protective case reduces the breakage rate from 15% -25%, to less than 2% per year. 

Protective cases are an essential way to limit maintenance costs. They protect data collection terminals against falls, shocks and vibrations.  Our range of practical and ergonomic MOBILIS® accessories prevent the immobilisation of data collection terminals. Maximum protection results in the increased life span of your devices.

How to
protective case?

In order to choose a suitable protective case, several factors must be taken into account: a level of protection that corresponds to your working environment, portability, weight and compatibility with the manufacturer’s accessories. We design custom-made protective cases with due regard to daily usage and working movements.

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Rugged anti-shock case -...

Ref 052010

Rugged anti-shock case - handstrap & shoulder strap included

M3 Mobile - SM10, SM15, SM20

Protech: the perfect compromise between
protection, weight and usability

ACTIV+: the highest level of
patented protection


The PROTECH and ACTIV+ protective cases are designed to accompany you in your movements on a daily basis. Portability accessories such as a hand strap, belt clip, shoulder strap or wrist mount can be added to each protective case.


The 3 versions of PROTECH cases and the custom configurations of ACTIV+ cases are designed to adapt to the connectors of manufacturer brands and MOBILIS® accessories.  Your device does not need to be removed to be recharged on a docking station, add an extent battery. 

Made in france

PROTECH and ACTIV+ protective cases are entirely manufactured in our 2 french factories.  Our plastic injection plant boasts zero waste management in the manufacture of PROTECH cases, recycling the materials of our own products to manufacture new ones. Our textile workshop, originally known for its expertise in the manufacture of leather goods, enables us to produce ACTIV+ protective cases with a high degree of precision. 

Tested for approval

For each protective case developed, endurance tests are carried out in our prototyping laboratory: resistance to abrasion, falls, stretching and mechanical impacts. 

your protective case

We customise protective cases to adapt to your business uses and your brand image: portability accessories (wrist mounts, shoulder straps), clip systems, smartphone or tablet holders for vehicles, specific dimensions or configurations (pistol grip), materials, colours and company logos.

Provide us with your requirements and together we will imagine the most suitable product.