Optimise the operational efficiency
of your teams on the job.

Improve the daily life of your field workers

Each movement is a challenge in efficiency and time, productivity and customer satisfaction. We support salespeople, technicians and maintenance agents in their daily actions. 

MOBILIS® proposes a range of accessories for the protection and transport of mobile IT equipment, adapted to daily use in the field, to falls and shocks (protective cases for mobile terminals smartphones or tablets, holsters and screen protectors).

We improve the daily lives of field workers by providing accessories that combine speed, accessibility and portability. DataCapture MOBILIS® accessories optimise customer satisfaction and the overall performance of your activity by facilitating field operations (in-store delivery, on-site service, pick-up and delivery receipt, fleet management, order taking and intervention reports). 

When mobility becomes your playing field

From taking orders to viewing stock or technical schemas, intervention reports and order tracking, our accessories help you optimise your employees' rounds by guaranteeing speed, comfort of use and robustness.

Order follow-up and after-sales service

Deliver quality service from start to finish

Manage your orders with ease using Protech and Activ+ protective cases, adapted to the technical constraints and daily needs of your field workers. Resistant and reliable, our cases are perfectly adapted to everyday use: battery change, docking charge, the use of a stylus and manual input.  Accessible and efficient, MOBILIS® products are your anti-breakage guarantee. 

Round optimisation

Better protection for greater satisfaction

Maintenance technicians and delivery drivers face problems concerning ergonomics and productivity, real-time parts control and stock consultation. With a belt holster or wrist support, your employees will have their hands free to work correctly and thus guarantee an improved experience for end customers.

Flow optimisation 

Real-time connection in risky environments

Being connected to stock in real-time is a true challenge for your field workers. Protect your DataCapture tools and keep them at hand to optimize access to data in the riskiest environments. Ensure data flow by providing field workers with easy access to data and the possibility to update stock in real-time.

Attained results

MOBILIS® solutions have enabled leaders in mobility to increase their productivity and reduce their TCO.

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Mobilis® meets
your specifications

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