Facilitate your mobile printing operations

Print & label with ease!

To remain productive and responsive in product labeling, inventories, proof of delivery, payment, ticketing and traceability labeling, it is essential to keep your mobile printer accessible and within reach.

Whether combined with a payment terminal in store, an input terminal in a logistics warehouse or a smartphone for transport control, your teams need to be more responsive, to speed up the process and improve customer satisfaction. 

An easy-to-carry protective printer case makes all the difference in the working environment!

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Why choose
a protective case for your mobile printer?

Gain in productivity with quick access to your mobile portable printer and its different features. 

Our protective cases are judiciously designed to meet all your business requirements.  Attached to a support, to your belt or a shoulder strap, your mobile printer remains safely within reach!

For decision-makers

For users

A unique design for every printer model

Manufactured in our factories in France, we can perfectly adjust our protective cases to the functionalities of your mobile printer. 

Whatever the brand of your portable printer (Honeywell scanner, Datalogic scanner, Zebra, Bixolon, Brother, TSC Printer), we adapt the openings to facilitate ticket extraction, loading, connectivity etc. 

Solutions adapted to use in the working environment

Your mobile printer accompanies you in your daily routine. Our portability accessories for our protective cases are adapted to different uses: belts, shoulder straps, clips or vehicle supports.

Protected from shocks, vibrations and dust, you can use your portable printer wherever you need to. Our portability solutions enable you to keep your mobile printer at hand, a fitted protective case facilitates ticket or label extraction and our patented shockproof system guarantees reinforced security.

Easy acces


Quick access
for easy printing!

Mobilis®  accessories included

Setting up your
mobile printer case

We adapt and customise your protective cases to your business use and brand image: portability solutions (belts, shoulder straps, clip systems, vehicle supports) specific dimensions or configurations, materials, colours or company logo.

Inform us of your requirements and together we will design the most suitable protective case for your mobile printer.